[box title=”Garden Trellis” color=”#5B8251″]The style of fencing or trellis you choose can have a great impact on the garden, potentially altering its appearance completely. The height and shape plus the materials the fences and trellis are made from can create anything from an angular, modern look to a rustic, rural character.

Consider how the materials will blend with the house and any other existing features. All these structures are long-lasting elements in the garden and should not need to be replaced for years, so it is important that you select carefully at the beginning, choosing structures sturdy enough to bear the weight of any plants that may be growth over them.
Take into account your future plans: for example, when putting up a wooden fence, think whether you may want to add a trellis on top of this – it is easier and cheaper in the long run to buy taller fence posts at the start than to add extension posts for the trellis later.

Choose fencing to suit your needs – do you want a solid barrier for privacy, a secure and sturdy animal-proof structure, an effective windbreak, a means of attaching trellis and growing climbers to make a decorative feature, or just a functional way of marking out the boundary of your garden?


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