Decorative Gravel

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Decorative Gravel

At Funshog Garden Sheds we supply Decorative Gravel in 1/2 ton bags, 1 ton bags and by the lorry load. We also supply top quality top soil and gravel.Decorative stone provides an extensive selection of surfacing media for any garden application. Driveways, paths, borders, roofing and many general landscaping schemes benefit from this wide range of products.

Many People use gravel on their driveways to enhance the visual look of the property and also it can be a great thief deterrent. We recommend using larger gravel such as 20mm gravel for your driveway, as smaller gravels can get caught up in your tires.

Coloured gravel can help to produce vivid pathways. It adds that extra stylish look to any normal pathway. Not only does it give an extra colourful look to your garden but it provides practical uses, in areas with a lot of traffic, turf will die however by using coloured gravel it provides a practical resolution to this problem. Plus it looks great!!

Garden Path
A perimeter garden path gives a neat effect and outlines the focal point as being the pathway through your garden. Many people use gravel pathways to enhance the feature and tidy up the garden. Good borders around the pathway will keep the gravel in place and keep it looking neat and tidy in the process.

Gravel Bed
Gravel is an alternative for flower beds. It gives added colour and effective results in that stylish garden you are trying to create. We have many different colours available, smaller sizes of gravel such as 10mm look great in gravel flower beds. Usually we recommend a membrane underneath to make sure no weeds etc start to grow through.

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